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We are thrilled that CaringTree Senior Care is now Humana At Home SeniorBridge

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Without your company's support I do not think my Mom would have been able to be sustained as long as she has in independent living-and my whole family thanks you for that!

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                                                Kathy F.


CaringTree Senior Care.
An extension of your family’s care and compassion.

CaringTree Senior Care provides senior companionship with in home elder care. Our in home elder care is available 24 hours a day There is no greater source of support than family. There are times, however, when every family needs some help caring for an aging senior parent or elderly loved one.

CaringTree Senior Care's personalized and affordable in home senior care services are available from 3 hours to 24 hours a day. A partial list of our in home senior care services can be found on our senior care services page. For more information about CaringTree's in home senior care services and how CaringTree Senior Care can help you or your senior loved one.

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Be alert when you are driving for the safety of the school aged kids and yourself.


Emily Marvin is presented with the "Caring More Award"

The “Caring More” Award is presented to outstanding social workers who go above and beyond to improve lives through their work with patients and in the community.

CaringTree Senior Care is proud of Emily Marvin and her contributions to the elderly community!!!



CaringTree Senior Care also offers live-in senior care services and 12 hour overnight stays.

At CaringTree Senior Care, we serve two roles:

First, CaringTree Senior Care provides in home senior care services that enable seniors to maintain as much independence as possible, by providing the appropriate in home senior care assistance, companionship and personal care.

Second, Just as importantly, CaringTree Senior Care helps improve your family's quality of life by providing affordable support with daily, routine senior care.

Everyday, CaringTree Senior Care helps seniors remain independent in their own home.  In doing so, we help your elderly parent or senior loved one achieve something far greater – a renewed sense of possibility, greater self-worth, and the ability to enjoy life's everyday pleasures.

Our in home care staff  at Caringtree Senior Care is available 24 hrs a day to help your senior loved one.

CaringTree Senior Care cares for you and your senior loved one in their home. Please take a moment to read our Our Management Philosophy